This year (2024) we invite you to participate in two Training courses in October…

…with the following dates: 03-12  October 2024/ 21-31 October 2024

This program will challenge you with great OUTDOOR adventure and INDIGENOUS practices. Nature as a Youth Worker is a unique process of DEVELOPMENTAL YOUTH WORK and PERSONAL growth. You are joining an ADVENTURE that will start from the very beginning of your arrival in Bulgaria and will probably never end…

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A team of professional trainers, teachers, psychologists, and youth workers find the best way to learn especially for you!

We enrich the process of personal development and learning inspired by nature!

Creating a sustainable and effective learning organization with a harmonious team that works with care and love, turning their understanding of the future into a School in nature!


a story to begin…

Just apply and be selected for this adventure – Youth work in the wild nature of Bulgaria – find an old abandoned village and understand why and where are the youth; cross the old “cold war” border in adventure trough times; go deep into a cave and find the wisdom in the dark; ride a horse in the wild forest; camp in a tent on the top of the trees or discuss the future of the youth with local grannies; make your own bread and find your true skills and talents.  And this is just the beginning of your training where you will develop your personal portfolio, paint and create stories, learn more about the ETS competence model for trainers and youth workers, meet local youth, organize adventure activities for them, and develop your own habit of daily routine, dance, yoga, solo time in the nature and cultural visits of old houses, roman road and bridges.  And in the end, enter a “Tamazkal” where you can trully challenge yourself with native American ritual for initiation. And many more…apply now…

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