🌄 Day 1 – The Dawning of Connection/ Bellongings

TC Nature as a Youth worker 17-26 September 2023

As the morning sun painted the sky in hues of gold, our journey into the heart of nature commenced. The day opened with breathtaking vistas and warm sunshine enveloping our eager souls.

The unfolding of the day resembled a poetic overture. Our first steps led us into the vibrant heart of the center, where we were greeted with introductions that breathed life into the essence of the space. Engulfed in a moving symphony of motion, poetry, and the sacred morning circle, we collectively embraced the dawn of our immersive experience.

With spirited momentum, the day unfurled its tapestry of activities. Through engaging games and the crafting of a mesmerizing mandala community, Teo and Adela guided us into the rhythm of the program, weaving threads of connection amongst us.

🧙‍♀️ Suddenly, a mystical figure emerged, donning the guise of Harry Potter (Furiozo), setting the stage for our first heroic chapter. Under his guidance, the group encountered two challenges: sparking profound conversations and embarking on a magical village stroll. Along this enchanted path, we encountered locals whose stories whispered profound life lessons, granting us the inaugural badge of BELONGINGS upon conquering these quests.

The afternoon was an emotional crescendo orchestrated by Mitko and his stirring “Game of Life.” Emotions flowed freely as we navigated the depths of our feelings, forging deeper bonds within our budding community.

As dusk approached, solitude beckoned—a SOLO walk amidst nature. For many, it was a transformative communion, yet a mere taste of what lay ahead.

🍱 With the setting sun casting its glow, roles within our community were bestowed, setting the stage for a harmonious ensemble of shared duties and responsibilities.

The day concluded around a crackling fire, a sacred space where stories wove a tapestry of shared experiences, uniting us even further.


A kaleidoscope of emotions painted the canvas of this day, leaving indelible marks upon our hearts. Anticipation brims for the unfolding chapters of our journey on Day 3! #TCFutureNow #Gudevitsa #TCErasmusPlus #Bulgaria #NCFutureNow