🌿 Day 2 – Cultivating Profound Connections

TC Nature as a Youth worker 17-26 September 2023

The sun ushered in the day with its familiar embrace, accompanied by the rhythmic cadence of movement, the enchantment of poetry, and the nurturing warmth of our sharing circle—a harmonious start to another enriching day.

Our first venture took us into an unconventional expedition—a barefoot walk led by Furiozo, whimsically attired as Shrek’s Donkey. Walking blindfolded, both guiding and being guided, forged an intimate connection between us and the earth, whispering tales of unity and symbiosis with nature.

🧘‍♂️ Under Dimitar’s guidance, we embarked on a soul-stirring journey through family consolation and the mastery of the “here and now.” These experiences bore the weight of intensity, stirring emotions deep within and leaving us refreshed, reinvigorated for the journey ahead.

The afternoon bestowed upon us a transformative ordeal—a sacred rite known as “Temaskal.” Within its sanctified chambers, we participated in an ancient indigenous ceremony, a rebirth embraced by some among us. Despite the scorching heat of the four relentless rounds, our collective resilience prevailed, uniting us in a shared triumph of survival and resilience.


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