🌿 Day 5 – Nurturing Well-being

TC Nature as a Youth worker 17-26 Sept 2023

The morning commenced with a tranquil meditation guided by none other than Po from Kung Fu Panda 🐼, setting the tone for a day dedicated to well-being.

Our journey led us to the intriguing expanse of No Man’s Land, nestled on the border with Greece—a place where history converged with the raw beauty of nature. Here, amidst absorbing historical tales, we found ourselves in an even deeper communion with the natural world.

🥘🍲 Following a sumptuous lunch that replenished our spirits, our focus shifted to a workshop where each of us unveiled our unique passions, becoming teachers to our fellow travelers. The exchange of expertise became a tapestry of learning, weaving threads of knowledge and camaraderie.

As the day gently transitioned into evening, a majestic bonfire cast its glow upon a new setting. Around this enchanting fire, songs soared, conversations flowed, and laughter painted the air with joy—a harmonious conclusion to our day’s adventures.

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