🌿 Day 6 – A Tapestry of Learning

This day unfolded as an exquisite mosaic of group workshops—a harmonious blend of diverse passions interwoven within our adventurous souls. Intensity lingered in the air, each workshop a portal into collaborative exploration and growth.

The first workshop sparked our collective curiosity—a treasure hunt within the enigmatic corridors of Gudevitsa’s house. Details awaited discovery, each one a hidden gem waiting to be unveiled.

The second workshop fostered a connection with the locals, a heartfelt endeavor entailing lending a hand in tasks like clearing pathways, and strengthening bonds that transcended language through shared acts of kindness.

In a deeply touching third workshop, ‘The Journey of life’ became a poignant narrative. We momentarily traversed the milestones from childhood to our present selves—a soul-stirring experience that resonated within each of us.

As the evening descended, a sense of anticipation swirled—a fireside gathering with Furiozo. Amidst the flickering flames, his story wove a captivating tale, binding us together in the enchantment of Gudevitsa’s magical evenings.

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