🌿 Day 3 – Embracing Confidence

TC Nature as a Youth Worker 17-26 September 2023

As the sun graced the horizon, our morning rituals unfolded in their familiar splendor. Venturing into the great outdoors, we engaged in liberating free exercises—a dance of freedom where we soared like birds, connecting through exchanged glances that spoke volumes.

👬👭 Forming supportive teams, we embarked on a delightful culinary journey post-lunch, kneading and shaping dough into delectable bread. Each contribution, unique in its own right, converged into an awe-inspiring result that left us all in wonder. 🤩🤩🤩

💃 Our day took an empowering turn as we encountered a real-life Wonder Woman, guiding us through a session centered on confidence—a transformative experience that left an indelible mark on our collective psyche.

🥘🍲🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️🙆 As evening drew near, the cultural night unfurled like a vibrant tapestry, teeming with mesmerizing dances, soul-stirring melodies, and everyone, without exception, taking part in this celebration of cultural diversity.

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