Training courses ”NATURE as a Youth WORKER” and Youth exchanges ”Wild Youth”


This program will challenge you with great OUTDOOR adventure and INDIGENOUS practices. Nature as a Youth Worker is a unique process of DEVELOPMENTAL YOUTH WORK and PERSONAL growth. You are joining an ADVENTURE that will start from the very beginning of your arrival in Bulgaria and will probably never end…

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This program will provide you with great OUTDOOR adventure and INDIGENOUS practices that will give support you in DEVELOPMENTAL YOUTH work and PERSONAL growth.
Nature as a Youth Worker is a unique process of developmental youth work and personal growth. You are joining an adventure that will start from the very beginning of your arrival in Bulgaria and will probably never end…
A week full of lots of art and started stories awaits you, which we will have to finish together.
If you like nature, adventures, mountains, youth work, and non-formal learning you will receive an experience like never before in Erasmus’s environment. Prepare for learning by doing in every moment, which will include you with a group of youth workers, trainers, and educators to co-create a story and step into the wild nature, and old rituals in today’s world context.
Just apply and be selected for this adventure – Youth work in the wild nature of Bulgaria – find an old abandoned village and understand why and where are the youth; cross the old “cold war” border in adventure trough times; go deep into a cave and find the wisdom in the dark; ride a horse in the wild forest; camp in a tent on the top of the trees or discuss the future of the youth with local grannies; make your own bread and find your true skills and talents. And this is just the beginning of your training where you will develop your personal portfolio, paint and create stories, learn more about the ETS competence model for trainers and youth workers, meet local youth, organize adventure activities for them, and develop your own habit of daily routine, dance, yoga, solo time in the nature and cultural visits of old houses, roman road and bridges. And in the end, enter a “Tamazkal” where you can trully challenge yourself with native American ritual for initiation. And many more…apply now…
Nature as a Youth Worker provides opportunities for development and competence gaining for youth workers. The training process is based on innovative methods targeting the personal and professional development of the participants. The Nature-based methods and Art practices will be offered as powerful tools for growth.
During the training based on wild nature practices, participants will explore how these practices can serve as a tool for creating a positive mindset in the youth. These results can be of great benefit for young people nowadays.


The training course is built on a flow that combines elements of practice/experience, reflection, theory and application. Thus, we are aiming at:

  • Develop through ETS Competence Model – Facilitation, Design of non-formal learning environments, Team work, Communication, Interculture awareness and etc.
  • Providing knowledge and skills linking nature-based methods and art in an integrated approach;
  • Creating a safe space for sharing and freely expressing how global situation (war, conflict, social injustice, ecological crisis, etc.) influence youth workers and their target groups;
  • Using nature and the outdoors for developmental youth work and facilitating group processes with youth;
  • Using healing practices for personal and young people’s development;
  • Development of non-formal learning practical tools for working with young people.


  • Nature and adventure-based developmental youth work;
  • ETS Competence model for youth workers and trainers;
  • Addressing basic human needs from the perspective of Non-violent Communication;
  • Self-exploration – how to transfer understanding about ourselves into process of conscious actions;
  • Meditation and mindfulness – tools for focus and balance of attention, emotions, and consciousness;
  • Indigenous practices in developmental youth work;
  • “Temazkal” practice and use in Youth Work;
  • Deep Nature Connection – connecting with yourself, nature, other people, and the more-than-human world;
  • Creativity, art and music – as tools for self-expression and communication;


  • Nature wild adventures and experience
  • ETS Competence model for trainers and youth workers
  • Temazkal practice
  • Working with values
  • Nature-based methods
  • Experiential learning
  • Journaling
  • Drawing
  • Workshops development and delivery
  • Solo time in nature
  • Nature art

Living as a community (cleaning, cooking etc.)



Apply with the form if you are from Spain, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Romania.

You can apply for this training course if you are also from any other EU Member state (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, France, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden) or any of the associated with the Erasmus + Programme countries (North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey).

Dates of the Training course courses: We have two trainings in 2023.

– 17 – 26 September 2023

– 29 Sept – 08 October 2023

Dates of the Youth Exchanges:

– 23 May – 03 June

– 13-24 August 2023


Participant profile:

  1. RELEVANT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: people who have experience in youth work from partner countries. The participants should have one of the following roles: youth workers, youth leaders, educational and career counselors, teachers, general educators, trainers, mentors, coaches, and educational nature guides.
  2. PERSONAL ATTITUDE: people who feel a strong calling to participate in this course and have strong and relevant motivation for joining the process. The motivation should be a blend of personal and professional factors. We are looking for people who feel comfortable being in nature (as the topic will be addressed through nature-based practices) and who can immerse themselves in natural learning environments.

The participants must be over 18 years and have good English.


In order to participate, we invite you to fill in the application form available at this link: 

For the Youth Exchange Apply here.

For the Training course Apply here.

Learn more about the venue – training center “School in nature” Erasmus+ Training Center


Teo Vasilev, +359887 558476

Lora Abadjieva, +359877 975745


Nature as a Youth Worker  is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, thus all the activities, accommodation, and food are 100% covered by the EU grant. The travel costs will be reimbursed to the participants after the course in the limit of the amount according to the Erasmus + regulations.

Additional reimbursement will be provided for the expenses related to international travel regulations due to COVID-19 measures (testing, medical certificates, etc.)


If you plan to arrive earlier or leave later your expenses for accommodation out of the days of the training will not be reimbursed by the organizers.


    • Taxi fees;
    • Accommodation for extra days in Bulgaria;
    • Insurance.

Main strategic goal

The main strategic goal is to increase the qualifications of youth workers in Bulgaria and Europe and practice within youth exchanges. Trained youth workers lead youth groups and apply what they learn in the framework of youth exchanges in our partner network.

Regarding the goals and activities of the organization reflected in its documents (statute and strategy), we see links to accreditation in:

  • – Development and enrichment of social and educational activities.
  • – Improving the quality of youth work and activities.
  • – Development of people’s creative and spiritual abilities, especially young people.
  • – Youth development in personal terms.
  • – Development of informal learning and innovative pedagogical practices.
  • – Training and developing the capacity and competencies of specialists in the field of education and training
  • and youth work.
  • – Organizes and conducts youth work and activities at the national and international level.
  • – Organizes annual events related to work with children and youth.
  • – Issues materials, guidelines and methodology for the work of specialists in the field of youth and education.
  • – Develops innovative training models for working with youth at the national and international level.


The participants of the Training course have the opportunity to take part in a traditional ceremony at 10th of October when the moon will be at its full phaze.

It is called Temazkal (from Aztec language Nahuatl “temazcalli” means “house where you sweat”) representing the womb of Mother Earth and the house of the Grandfathers Stones. This ancient practice is being used in the traditional medicine of our ancestors and continues to be practiced nowadays for connecting deeper with nature elements, ourselves and our roots, as well as for purification of our body, mind and spirit. We will have the chance to cross the threshold of our comfort zone and enter this sacred space in order to celebrate life and rebirth with songs and prayers from the heart. The ceremony will be run by an authorized leader and will be accompanied by preparation and integration part.