TC Nature as a Youth Worker 17-26 September 2023


Embark on another thrilling escapade with TC Nature as we delved into the immersive realm of “Nature as a Youth Worker” from September 17th to 26th, 2023. This enlightening training course was an integral part of our accreditation under the esteemed #Erasmus program.

A cohort of 16 vibrant individuals seized the opportunity to not just work and learn, but to immerse themselves in an awe-inspiring journey amidst the untamed wilderness of the majestic Rhodopa Mountain.

Each day was a canvas painted with discoveries, as we navigated through the verdant landscapes, delving deep into nature’s teachings. From hands-on activities to insightful discussions, every moment was a chance to absorb wisdom from the untamed environment around us.

Heartfelt gratitude to this incredible group for their unwavering enthusiasm, dedication, and unwavering spirits throughout this transformative journey. Together, we’ve forged memories and connections that will resonate within us for years to come.